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CasinoHost is your personal guide to the world of live casino games with live dealers!

With CasinoHost, you no longer have to spend time looking for available tables with live dealers - we do it for you, every day.

Swipe between live online casino games from the best online casinos and find the best bonus of the day.

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Which type is right for you?

With CasinoHost you can easily select the types of live games you prefer and get notified when tables are available. Based on your criteria, we show you all open tables and bonus offers across online casinos. You can spend the day between the various bonuses and live dealers and find high quality live casino games – every time.

1. Tailor your experience
For starters, set your criteria for the games you want to see and your minimum bet on the various casino games. For example, if you only want to see tables with Blackjack then you easily do so by unselecting the other games. You can change your criteria at any time.

2. Swipe between tables
Once the criteria are set, you can start by swiping between the available tables. You can easily see what the table is called, the bet and what bonus you can get at the casino. When you swipe you see all types of games combined, of course only the types you selected in your criteria.

3. Select the casino table
In the menu at the bottom are the different types of casino games. When you click on the icon you will get a list of the available live tables that match your criteria. In the list you see the seven latest winning numbers, bet amounts and what casino the table to belong to. When you find a table, click on the arrow and you will be sent directly to the casino.